Ethical code

1. The professional tour guide should be prepared in advance and should have excellent knowledge of the matter, concerning general topics about Bulgaria, as well as about the sights to be visited.

2. He/she should appear on time, take care for the good mood of the tourists and for the smooth tour running.

3. During the tour guide conversation the tour guide should be in conformity with the generally accepted methodology for information presentation based on accurate facts and data.

4. He/she should pay special attention and respect the interests and values of tourists guided by him/her, and not to impose his/her views on disputable issues such as religion, politics, lifestyle etc.

5. He/she should defend the authority of Bulgaria as tourist state and should make all efforts so that the tourists treat respectfully the environment, natural and cultural sights, the local traditions and features.

6. Absolutely necessary is to be in conformity with every point of the programme that the tour guide receives from the tour operator. The possible amendments, addendum in the programme, compensations for sites that remained unvisited due to reasons out of reasonable control, should be performed only after receiving the explicit approval of the tour operator.

7. The whole information of which the tour guide became aware as a result of servicing the group, is confidential. The tour guide abides and follows the policy of the company that hired him/her as he/she behaves loyally towards it. The tour guide establishes friendly relations with the clients while keeping the confidential nature of the business of his/her employer.

8. The professional tour guide demonstrates professional respect and spirit of collaboration with the other colleague tour guides and establishes good working relations with the other colleague suppliers of services during the tour.

9. The professional tour guide undertakes every task as serious engagement and could refuse to perform it only in the case of absolute pressing need via presenting his/her employer notification of sufficient time in advance.

10. The professional tour guide does not discuss with the tourists and group guides the limits for subsistence and accommodation of the groups and does not recommend upon his/her discretion other restaurants, hotels, alternative routes or competitive tour guide companies.

11. The professional tour guide dresses in neat and tidy manner taking into consideration the tourists he/she is guiding. He/she does not smoke during pedestrian city tour. He/she does not take in the bus people that are not part of the group without having the explicit permission of the tour operator.

Publishing the names in the Association website and promotion of members among tour operators and companies will be performed only for the people that have laid their signatures, approve and behave in conformity with this code.